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11 Feb 2016

Valentins Day Blowjobs Aren't Leverage

Valentins Day Blowjobs Aren't Leverage

”She sucks dick for all of us”-Photo Courtesy of This Girl Sucks

If I ask any woman what her man wants for Valentine's Day, then she is apt to say something like 'romantic time with me', or maybe even 'sex'. However, ask any dude what they want for this holiday and it'll most likely be: “a blow job.” When This Girl Sucks, we as men are very fucking happy.

I wish more ladies were like the chicks on This Girl Sucks. Babes who are willing to get down on their knees, suck off their guy's enormous cocks and allow their guys to splatter their cum all over their willing faces. If more chicks were like these sluts, then the world would probably be a much happier place. At least, in my humble opinion.

Of course, I'm not saying that real women aren't down with giving a little bit of head for this holiday. I think that most of them are willing. However, I am willing to bet that a quite large majority of them is going to hold their cock sucking skills back until their guys deliver to them an acceptable Valentine's Day experience. Yes, you read that correctly. Some ladies are expecting to be wowed on this day before they do any sucky-sucky. Now isn't that some fucking shit.

I think it's despicable when any woman holds back oral gratification and dangle it in front of their guy like some kind of fucking prize. You either want to suck our cocks or you don't. If you don't, then just take that shit off the table right then and there. That way we know what we're dealing with. However, if you are, then do it because you fucking want to. Don't use it as some kind of Pavlovian conditioning. Giving it to us only after we have jumped through the loops you have set up for us. Fuck you, that's not cool.

It's especially despicable when women do this kind of shit on Valentine's Day. Acting like they aren't going to suck dick if their day doesn't turn out exactly to their ridiculously high standards. God forbid that we don't spend enough or put enough thought into it—according to their standards. Because if we do, then we don't get what we want.

That's okay, because I'm revolting against this entire system. I am taking my balls and going home. I refuse to play this game. Instead, I am going to fire up my smart phone, or maybe my computer, and enjoy me some cock sucking action on This Girl Sucks. That's right. These girls aren't going to deprive me of what I want. They are going to give me the kind of high quality cock sucking action I want and they aren't going to think twice about it. And I don't even have to buy them fucking roses.

This site should serve as a lesson to all you females who think you can use oral sex as a bargaining tool. Two can play at that game. If you don't give us our Valentine's Day we deserve, then we're replacing you with porn. Boom!

Posted by David

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