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08 Apr 2013

Anal Sex is Safe In The US

Anal Sex is Safe In The US

"Just the ass I was looking for" - Photo Courtesy of Butt Man

I consider myself to be a Butt Man. I always have been. Sure, I also love pussy and big tits, but a big ass has a special appeal to me. As does anal sex. But there are a lot of states that forbid this sexual act. One of these states is Virginia.

As a Butt Man, I found the Virginia law to be outrageous. What it did was outlaw acts of sodomy, you know oral and anal sex, even between married couples. Fortunately, these law was struck down by the US Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit as being unconstitutional.

While that seems like a win for those of us who love anal sex, it's just a small step in an ever going war on couples rights. It seems like there is an element in the United States that wants to keep sex a certain way. Mainly, as straight up missionary vaginal penetration. How fucking boring is that?

I will say it right here. Consenting adults should be able to do whatever they fucking want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. That means that if a guy wants to fuck his wife up the ass, and she's fucking down with it, then they should be allowed to do that. You shouldn't have the government in your damn bedroom. Allow guys to enjoy Everything Butt and leave them alone.

Of course, these draconian laws always made me wonder. How do they fucking enforce these damn things? Sure, if a couple goes to the hospital for an anal related injury, then I can see how they can catch them. But if a couple is just fucking each other in the ass, then who's going to know? Is an inspector going to jump out of your bottle of astroglide? I don't think so.

Another thing that concerns me about these repressive anal laws is how they would impact anal sex. I mean, if anal sex was completely outlawed tomorrow, then we would only be able to visit European anal porn sites. American anal porn sites would become extinct and that would put us behind the rest of the world folks. Excuse the pun.

However, that's never going to happen. That's because the Supreme Court of the United States settled that issue in 2003. In the landmark case, Lawrence V. Texas, the Court ruled that the government could not regulate the sexual activities of consenting adults. That ruling invalidated many of the sodomy rulings that were currently on the books in many states. If you want to fuck your woman in the butt, and she gives you permission, you are more than welcome to go at it. Thank you Supreme Court.

That also means that anal sex in the United States will continue to thrive. We will not only continue to see more anal sex as a result, but we will most likely Seymore Butts as well. Sorry, I just can't help it with the puns today. Until later, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya.

Posted by David

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