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13 Nov 2009

Mighty Mistress Probes Into The Unknown

Mighty Mistress Probes Into The Unknown

"Cynthia is in need of discipline" - Photo Courtesy of Mighty Mistress

The topic of the day is bondage and domination. Many of you have seen this porn genre and some of you may be fans of the genre. But, no matter what category you put yourself in there's one thing for sure. You have never seen anything like Mighty Mistress. This is a BDSM site that takes things to the limits. Inside you'll see plenty of rope play, nipple clamping, humiliation and sexual torture that cranks the action above and beyond what you are expecting.

And expectations is what its all about. Many of you are not familiar with this particular genre and think that its abusive and degrading. But, I'm here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. It might be taken to the limits, but its always done in a way that is sexually satisfying to all parties involved. To fully understand this you have to know a little bit about the act itself.

For those of you who are fans of BDSM and know the genre well, than you might want to skip to the next paragraph or go take a quick look at Mighty Mistress. For those of you who are really familiar with BDSM then let me give you a crash course on the subject. BDSM involves sexual play between at least two individuals, and sometimes groups of individuals. One person is the dominant and the other person is the submissive. The dominant takes the submissive to the outermost limits of sexual experience. This can be done through bondage, simulated torture, nipple clamping, ass play and many other elements. Now what most people don't understand is that this is a mutual consent between the two parties.

The submissive has what is called "hard limits' and "soft limits'. Hard limits are things that the submissive simple will not do. The submissive may not ever want to have anything penetrated into his or her rectum at any point ever. That's a hard limit. A soft limit is what the submissive can be "forced" into. I put forced in quotes because its really not forced. The submissive may be uncomfortable about going to that place, but is still willing to be pushed into it. Its the grey area thats between these two limits that are the sexual playground of the participants. Another thing that makes BDSM mutual are the use of "safe words'. At any point in time the submissive can stop the action at any time by simply saying the safe word. Okay, lesson over folks.

Welcome back BDSM fans. Now, I can tell all of you why Mighty Mistress is the BDSM site that you are going to want to take a look at. It's because this site is populated with not only the best mistresses out there, but the submissives are also some of the most willing submissives  you will ever find. This combination means that the action is going to go beyond the normal conventions of what you'd expect to see. It heads deep into the grey area between the hard and soft limits. These ladies are taken to the brink of pain and pleasure by their skilled mistresses. Complex rope play, water games, extreme penetrations and so much more. Trust me, Mighty Mistress is a site that you will want to check out. If your a BDSM fan then you will be taken to new heights and if your just curious then you might just find yourself becoming a fan of this exciting and complex genre.

Posted by David

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