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25 May 2012

Famous Foot Change Society's Perceptions

Famous Foot Change Society's Perceptions

"A Foot Threesome? Gotta Love It" - Photo Courtesy of Leg Action

Without a doubt, the foot fetish is one of the most misunderstood sexual inclinations in the world. While foot fetishist have a strong sexual desire for a woman's feet, those without a foot desire often mark it as abnormal sexual behavior. Which isn't true. Many people enjoy sites such as Leg Action, including many celebrities.

I think that many people who aren't particularly sexually interested in the legs and feet of women have a propensity to label foot and leg fetishist as freaks. They probably imagine them as creepy guys who sit around their closet and play with their collection of women shoes, or make inappropriate contact with the feet of women they don't know. Both of these stereotypes are false, of course, but still this portrayal of the foot fetishist lives on. Why?

This characterization probably has a lot to do with how the media portrays foot fetishists. How many television programs over the last 20 years have portrayed the foot fetishist as a freak? I have personally seen quite a few, and some of these examples I have seen quite recently. It really is a shame that mainstream entertainment gets it wrong, again.

Today, I am going to attempt to do my part to change that perception. I am going to shatter the perception that leg and foot fetishist are abnormal or don't belong in civilized society. And I am going to do that by naming a few famous, and quite successful people, who are foot fetishists. Hopefully, this will stop some people from marginalizing fetish sites such as I Love Long Toes and show that the love of a woman's feet isn't creepy or abnormal.

One of the most famous foot fetishists of all time is probably Giacomo Casanova. This is a guy who truly loved women on an epic scale. In fact, his sexual exploits were so legendary that guys who are successful at picking up women are often called “Casanova.” He was also a foot fetishists and loved everything about a woman's feet.

Another famous foot fetishists, one from our own time, is Quentin Tarantino. This is a guy who really loves the feet of women. If you don't believe me, then consider watching some of his movies. In Pulp Fiction, there is an entire scene dedicated to talking about foot massages. The scene I am talking about is when Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield discuss foot massages. Another scene that validates my point is the scene in Kill Bill. The scene where Uma Thurman's character is in the “Pussy Wagon” and trying to move her big toe. A lot of time is spent focused on her feet. If those two instances don't convince you that good 'ole Quentin is a foot fetishists, then let me give you one more example. There is a famous picture of Mr. Tarantino sucking the toes of his girlfriend in a LA sushi restaurant in 2007. I think that solves that straight away, don't you?

Other famous foot fetishists include Christian Slater, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Elvis Presley, Brooke Burke (yes, not all foot fetishists are male), Jack Black, James Joyce, Jay Leno and F. Scott Fitzgerald. After looking at this list, I think many people can conclude that the foot fetish is not only not abnormal, but in many ways quite normal behavior for human beings. If this doesn't convince you, then I guess nothing ever will and I am just wasting my breath.

All of that really doesn't matter to me, however. Because I am truly a fan of a woman's feet. I love everything about them, and I even spend quite a bit of time on porn sites such as Footsie Babes. And if truth be known, I spend a considerable amount of time with my wife's feet as well. Does that make me abnormal? Maybe it does, but I will tell you one thing. I am having a good fucking time.

Posted by David

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