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09 Jan 2019

Women Should Take Pride In Their Cock Sucking

Women Should Take Pride In Their Cock Sucking

"She's ready to give a perfect blowjob" - Photo Courtesy of Only Blowjob

Many women consider blowjobs to be Only Blowjob. No special technique or skill required. Hell, most women don't even put in the proper effort. This means that most blowjobs are boring as fucking hell, so let's tell these ladies how guys want their dicks sucked.

Since many women say blowjobs are Only Blowjob, they don't put the required research into the act. There is more to it than taking a guy's cock in your mouth and sucking it for a few moments until the guy shoots his load. Sure, this approach to blowjobs will work in a pinch, for instance if the guy hasn't been laid in about 6 months, but it doesn't provide the sexual stimulation that a carefully prepared for blowjob does.

Blowjobs need to be spiced up a bit to really entertain a man. Women should think about this fact seriously. A guy not only wants his cock sucked but he also wants a few elements thrown in. If a woman can do this correctly, then she can win over the hearts and minds of any men she encounters.

Let's start off with the basics. One thing us guys like is having our dick sucked at an unexpected time or place. Ladies, surprise us with your oral skills in a risky location. In the middle of a restaurant or on the city bus. Hell, Street Blowjobs work very well too. Any place there is a risk of discovery and is totally unplanned will make the blowjob seem ten times better than anything your guy has ever experienced.

Another thing that women should consider is going all the way with the blowjob. Don't act like it's a fucking chore. That's a turn off. Really act like you are into it. Act like it is the best tasting cock you ever had in your mouth. Your guy will love you for it.

If girls really want to kick it up a notch, then they might also want to gag on the cock for a minute. Yep, I said it. Shove that fucking thing down your throat until your eyes water. You ladies don't have to spend the whole blowjob doing that, just a couple well placed gags. However, you need to be careful. Don't gag yourself until your throw up. That isn't sexy at all.

And for goodness sake, ladies. Don't forget to give our balls some action too. You know those things are as sensitive as our dicks, if not more so. Lick 'em, give them some light sucking. Your guy will appreciate that a lot.

Watching porn with your guy, especially a blowjob related porn site, can also do wonders for your blowjobs. That's especially true if you pretend to be one of the girls in the video. That is a great way to spice up your guy's blowjobs.

The last thing I want as a guy is a woman who is willing to Swallow My Nut. She doesn't have to do it all the time, but occasionally works wonders.

If women would implement all of these blowjob techniques, then us guys would be happier creatures. If you have a lady who you want to “tune up”, then go ahead and show her this blog. It just might spice up your sex life.

Posted by David

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