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08 Feb 2013

Whores Save Mankind With Their Blowjobs

Whores Save Mankind With Their Blowjobs

"She might just save us all, with her mouth" - Photo Courtesy of Only Blowjob

For most of us guys, blowjobs are only the beginning. Sure, we want our lady to get down on our knees and suck our cocks, but our actually mouth fucking fantasies actually extend far beyond that. We just don't want Only Blowjobs, we want the entire experience.

Now the site, Only Blowjob does a pretty good job of telling the story that I'm talking about. We just don't want our woman to suck our cocks like she is doing us a favor. Like it's something they have to do to keep us from sticking our cocks in the mouth of the nasty waitress at the local diner. We want our ladies to savor our dicks. We want the feeling that they enjoy it and couldn't live without out it.

Unfortunately, a lot of women don't get that. They give a quick and simple blowjob that barely passes the test. A lick hear, a tug there. If we're really lucky maybe sucking on a nut for a second. But beyond that, it's usually pretty fucking boring. Where is the cocksucking passion?

Every guy reading this knows what I mean. We want that experience you get when you take a woman home for the first time and she decides that she not only wants to suck your dick, but NEEDS to suck your dick. She can't wait to wrap those luscious lips around your rod. Us guys want that kind of experience. Not the one after we've been in a relationship for awhile. In other words, a boring blowjob that inevitably comes with a long term relationship.

Passion isn't the only thing that a guy wants from his cocksucker. He also wants to be Throated. Yes, he wants his lady to shove his rod so far down her throat that she nearly gags. That if she pushed it one more millimeter she would end up throwing up her lunch. That's what guys want and women don't seem to understand that.

And I can understand to an extent. Months or years of passionate cocksucking can be hard to maintain. I know it takes a lot out of women. But that's because most women don't really enjoy it. They just do it to keep us happy. If women changed their perspective, however, and thought about it as something fun to do, then it wouldn't be such a chore to them, and us guys would be happier.

Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen. Most of us guys in long term relationships are going to have to deal with lousy blowjobs. At least in our personal lives. But in our fantasies we don't have to. That's because whores are going to save us in the end.

Watching the whores on porn sites getting mouth fucked can turn our attention away from bad blowjobs. It can show us how a good mouth fucking is supposed to be done. Without the ladies on site such as Load My Mouth, then most of us guys would be lost. Fortunately, they will be there for us for a long time, and I couldn't be more grateful. So drop by and visit one and see how they have saved blowjobs for all mankind.

Posted by David

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