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14 Sep 2011

Professional Stroking From Club Stroke

Professional Stroking From Club Stroke

"Check out these dude's great cumshot" - Photo Courtesy of Club Stroke

Today we are going to be discussing a gay porn site called Club Stroke. On this site you will find hot guys who are more than willing to stroke their cum cannons until they explode all over the place. These guys really know what they are doing as it pertains to masturbation and really love showing off their skills.

It is a fact. All men masturbate. Sure, some masturbate more than others but for the most part all of us guys love a little self love. And that isn't a bad thing. It keeps our pipes clean and ensures that all of that built up sexual tension isn't repressed and turned into rage. Most of us however, probably don't get a chance to masturbate on camera like the guys on Club Stroke. And that makes me wonder. Would I stroke for the camera? Hmmm, I would have to seriously think about that my friends.

I think that some guys would really relish the chance to stroke off on the internet. I think that they would do it whether or not they were being paid. They would just do it for the bragging rights. Other guys would probably require a little bit of compensation to get their self love groove on. They would have to be paid up front, or at least know that a check was coming at the end of the session. On the other hand, some guys would never get in front of the camera and stroke their cock. They just wouldn't do it for all of the prestige or cash in the world. The idea would never even cross their mind. And it is this category that I think I fall into. I don't think that you could ever pay me enough for me to get in front of the camera and stroke off like the guys on Club Stroke. Let me tell you why.

The one thing that I would have trouble with is getting naked in front of a camera crew. I have been around porn long enough to know that porn shoots usually have at least 10-30 people standing around waiting for you to do your work. I just couldn't see myself getting hard and then stroking my cock while a full crew stood there and talked about what they are doing later in the evening or discussing what a mess the global economy is in. And what if they said nothing and just stood there watching? Well, that would be even worse. I would end up with a major case of stage fright and 'lil Dave would probably stop working.

And I think that is why I really have great respect for the guys on Club Stroke. These dudes can crank their meat very well and have no problem doing it in front of a camera. They can blast mega-loads of hot sticky cum all over the room without blinking an eye. These guys are not only well built and very fucking hot, but they are fucking talented as well. They could probably jerk off in front of anybody and not give a damn. And it's a good thing too. If the world of porn required people like me to jack off, then porn would probably cease to exist.

The bottom line is this: The guys on Club Stroke want to show off their great cock handling skills, so why not shoot over to their website and watch them rip their cum cannons loose and aim for the camera. You won't be sorry.

Posted by David

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