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04 May 2015

Blowjobs Are Great For Men

Blowjobs Are Great For Men

”This Cocksucker Is A Lifesaver”-Photo Courtesy of Big Mouthfuls

Not that long ago I did an article on how blowjobs are good for women. In that particular blog entry, I made a pretty good point for why women should take Big Mouthfuls of cock and cum in their mouths. Now I am going to expand on that and tell you how blowjobs help the guy receiving it.

We already know that women swallowing Big Mouthfuls of cum is good for them. That cum has many antidepressive qualities that can help elevate a woman's mood. That much we all know. But I bet that you didn't know that the blower wasn't the only one who got some good benefit out of a blowjob. No, the blowee can get some health benefits out of just having a woman sucking on his dick. Let me explain some of the benefits to you.

The first benefit that men will receive from a blowjob is one that is related to mental health. Men who bust a nut on a regular basis have fewer episodes of depression and are overall pretty happy. Which I venture to say most of us already knew. After all, if you are getting your dick sucked, then you are probably having a pretty good day. And if you are getting blown on a regular basis, then you are having a pretty good life. I'm just saying.

Another health benefit guys receive from blowjobs is a much healthier prostate. Science has shown that guys who ejaculate on a regular basis have healthier prostates. Ejaculation has also shown to have a positive effect on heart disease and blood pressure as well. And since blowjobs are the best way to ejaculate, then I would say they are pretty darn healthy. Wouldn't you agree?

Now I might be pulling the next one out of left field a little bit, but I am going to regurgitate it up anyway. I once read a study that showed guys who receive blowjobs made more money than guys who didn't get sucked off. Of course, this study was done by a little known research group, but hey I'll take it. Anyway, it feels like it should be true, doesn't it? Let's just say it is and wrap things up.

So what have we learned today? Blowjobs make guys happier, healthier and wealthier. That sounds like a great combination of things going for a person. Which I guess makes blowjobs pretty important. If it wasn't for the common blow job, then most of us guys would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Cock sucking represents all of the good things in the world and has a positive effect on the men who receive it. That's true whether you are getting sucked off by a milf or simply enjoying Only Teen Blowjobs. The blow job is the miracle cure of all ages. If you don't believe me, then simply ask the guy who has his zipper down and a beautiful babe kneeling in front of him as she wipes her mouth. He knows the answer.

Posted by David

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