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01 Jun 2012

Bisexual Porn Shown To Increase Sperm Production

Bisexual Porn Shown To Increase Sperm Production

"My Cock And My Gun. One's for shooting, One's for Fun" - Photo Courtesy of BiMaxx

I've read something very, very interesting today. I read a study that said that men who looked at bisexual porn produced more semen than men who looked at regular straight porn. I thought that was an interesting premise, especially since I had coincidentally been looking at a site called BiMaxx.

This was something that I had never heard of before. I found it hard to believe that they type of porn a person chose to view had a direct impact on how much sperm they produced. It just seemed kind of odd to me. Why would bisexual porn make a guy produce more sperm than regular porn? I just had to find out, so I investigated further.

It appears that when a person visits a porn site such as Black And Bisexual, it sends a signal down to their scrotum. A signal that causes the balls to step up production of sperm. When researchers analyzed the data, they were dumbfounded. They didn't know what to make of the results. But then one researcher came up with an interesting concept, a concept that could be boiled down to one word. Competition.

You see, human beings are hard wired to compete with each other. Especially males of the species. In fact, survival of the species depends on competition to be in the forefront of most biological processes. So when a guy sees another cock in proximity of a woman, he needs to produce more sperm. It could mean the difference between successfully inseminating the female in question and not being able to get the job done.

When a guy watches a bisexual porn scene, which usually contains two males and a woman, then his balls start producing more sperm. Up to 35% more sperm. That way, when he shoots his load deep inside the woman's love bucket, his sperm have a better chance of getting their one and only job done. Knocking up the chick.

Of course, increased male fertility or vitality isn't the only reason to enjoy great bisexual porn sites such as Bisex Digital. There is another reason. A reason that is perhaps even better than increasing one's vitality. And that is because bisexual porn is a whole lot of fun. And this greatness is another thing that can be backed up by science.

It seems that bisexual porn not only increases a man's sperm level, but also increases his sexual longings. Once again, this can be contributed to male competition. It is a way for the male body to say, If there is going to be fucking around here, I am going to be the one doing it. That is why bisexual porn is so fucking hot. You want to be in on the action and your sex drive is amped up to ensure that you are a part of the action. Nature's way of helping ensure the survival of the species is what makes bisexual porn so fucking hot. So the next time you need a sexual release, this might be the avenue you want to choose.

Posted by David

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